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Our Family of Companies

Practice Makes “Perfect”

By Shani Barnett

“You don’t rehearse to be good in rehearsal; you rehearse to be good at the main event.”

I love this quote and I live by this quote!!!!!
I train myself to be the best possible DJ, MC and Entertainer I can be!

What makes me different from all others in my industry????

Besides attending DJ Conferences twice a year and bringing back the newest and hottest trends on the east coast and west coast to all our families in Mobile Music…I Practice, Practice, Practice.

As a DJ, when I hear a new dance song and I know I am going to start working it into my set, I practice mixing it. I find incredible remixes that I can play for any type of crowd at any event.

As an Emcee, for Introductions, Toasts and Speeches, I recite the names out loud over and over after my Finals meeting with my client.  If I am working with a DJ during Bridal Party Introductions, I rehearse with my DJ to work out the timing of the music with my introductions.  That’s what makes our 2 man crews seamless on Weddings!

If a client gives me extensive music list, I analyze it before the event, maybe even re-writing it so it has some sense of order during the party.

When I learn a new game, I play it at our company rehearsal before I bust it out live at an event. I work out the kinks involved in setting up the game so it works perfectly and doesn’t take up to much time, and everyone in the room has fun.

If I want to incorporate a new line dance into an event, I make sure all the emcees and interactors know it so when we debut it, we are not only doing the dance but also teaching the steps to people who don’t know it.

When buying a new piece of equipment, our company sets it up and breaks it down a few times to make sure we know the in’s and out’s of putting it together, operating it and packing it up correctly. That way we can give you the WOW FACTOR we are known for.

In my opinion, I can call myself a “Professional DJ, MC, Entertainer and overall ROCKSTAR” because I Practice, Practice, Practice to make PERFECT!!!!

I can’t wait to book your event and show all my skills in person!!!!