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Sue and Co-chairs: Jana, Diane and Sarah

Just coming up from the overwhelmingly successful Be Part of the CURE fundraising event held on Friday evening.  If I tell you it was awesome, it’s only because I can’t think of a better word!  It was more awesome than we could have anticipated!  The evening fell together in perfect harmony – I kid you not!  And thanks to you and your generous donation to us, we raised over $50,000 for Kellogg Cancer Center at Highland Park Hospital.  We estimate that close to 200 guests attended the party.  We are so grateful that you gave us the added atmosphere, personality and music to enhance the event.  Mobile Music did an amazing job balancing “fun” and “classy” and really read the crowd beautifully.  By the end of the evening, no one wanted to leave!  And that is truly the sign of a great night!   Thank you again and again from us, but also from the entire Auxiliary at Highland Park Hospital!