7 Ways to Stay Connected During Virtual Events

March 30, 2021

It is no secret that virtual events are quickly becoming a part of the norm. Businesses, families, schools, and other social groups are turning to digital platforms to ensure safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, in the monotony of virtual meetings and conferences, it is challenging to maintain everyone’s focus, often leading to disconnect and disingenuous connections. To help people stay connected during digital meetings, it is crucial to add a little flair and interest to the process. Here are seven virtual event ideas to boost participation and communication.

1. Concert and Dance

Who doesn’t love music? Sometimes, especially when you can’t leave the house, you just need to let loose and shake off the stress. You can use virtual events to live stream a concert to family, friends, and staff. Let everyone put their hair down and dance around. The best part is, people can listen and watch without broadcasting themselves, allowing them to dance like no one else is in the room.

2. Comedy Show

Sometimes, busy schedules or important projects get in the way of having fun. There is some truth to the adage, “laughter is the best medicine.” When people laugh, they produce positivity hormones in the brain, making them feel more relaxed and happy. Before your next business meeting or during a lengthy conference, present a comedy show. Give everyone a lighthearted break, so they can do their best work.

3. Talent Show

People want to feel appreciated and special. Sometimes, employers and families can lose sight of that fact. A talent show is a great way to allow people to share their unique gifts with the people they share their lives with. With live streaming services and virtual platforms, putting on a virtual talent show is easier than ever before.

4. Creative Function or DIY Tutorials

Administrative functions drive the world, and most use the analytical side of the brain, pushing down the creative voice inside. It is crucial to a person’s happiness to allow creativity to flow. If your business is more practical and analytical by design, consider having a virtual and creative function, like a painting or writing class. You could also bring a guest performer to give DIY advice on creative projects.

5. Interactive Games and Polling

If you find that meetings or virtual interactions are getting a little stale, consider adding an interactive element to them. For example, include games that involve points in the meeting. You could also have an interactive poll for selecting new projects or topics of conversation.

6. Cooking Lessons

Sometimes, the additions to the virtual gatherings do not have to do anything with business or even the purpose of the meeting. You can include guest speakers and educators to simply add value to people’s lives. For example, cooking lessons are useful for everyone, and you can send out a list of ingredients before the meeting so everyone can follow along.

7. Hire a Video Production Company

If you want to create the best and most interactive virtual event, then hire a video production company. Hiring a professional, like CSP Worldwide will ensure quality and accessibility for all people watching from home or in their offices. Virtual events are here to stay, and it is vital to learn how to make them more engaging. Call us today for a consultation!

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