Employers: Branded Merchandise Is Just as Great for Your Employees as It Is for Your Customers

November 15, 2021

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Branded merchandise is not only great for making an impression on potential customers, but it can also put a smile on your employees’ faces.

When it comes time to show appreciation to your employees through fun, functional branded merchandise, there’s no reason not to put the company logo front and center.

Branded items are a gift that gives twice. They create a sense of unity—a team identity—even as they provide exposure for your brand. Let’s go over some office gift ideas that your staff will actually use and that potential customers might see around town.

Functional Gifts

Some businesses give branded merchandise that ends up tucked in a drawer, forgotten. The best office gift ideas are highly visible and will get the most use.

Consider a branded laptop backpack, for example. Pretty much everyone has a laptop or large tablet to carry around, and even if they don’t, a well-made backpack has a hundred potential uses. You might also think about gifting other travel-friendly items like travel bags, luggage tags, amenities cases, or accessories organizers.

Another functional office gift idea is a USB drive. They’re a daily-use item for many people, and it won’t hurt to have the company logo sticking out of your employees’ laptops at an airport. A gift that meets a daily need is memorable and provides value.

Pens are a tried-and-true branded gift. Give high-quality rollerball pens made of metal, wood, or plastic if you’re giving them to employees. Did you know that the average branded pen is seen by seven unique users?

Fashionable Gifts

Depending on what type of company, office gift ideas can extend to apparel and still be exciting. Branded shirts or other garments are an obvious place to start, especially if they’re exclusive to your employees.

If you own a production company, for example, t-shirts reading “STAFF” or “STAGE CREW” make your employees feel like they’re part of something special while letting others know your role. The same goes for ball caps; another great choice and decoration methods vary widely, yielding true customization to this process.

If you’re looking for something more upscale, you could brand jackets, fleeces, and vests. If your company is in a particularly cold part of the country, knit hats, scarves, and gloves are excellent, too.

Whimsical Gifts

Sometimes office gift ideas should just be fun—consider branded boxes of chocolates, a high-quality steel travel mug, or other drinkware for the coffee drinkers, or Titleist golf balls.

Giving gifts that aren’t work-related shows that you want employees to have lives outside of the office. They send a powerful message about your values as a company.

Innovative Office Gift Ideas with Custom Specialty Promotions

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