Our Family of Companies
Our Family of Companies

Carey Smolensky President/CEO

While still in high school, Carey began his career in 1978 as a DJ for his own Mobile Music DJ Service business. Working throughout high school and college to earn extra money, Carey graduated with a B.S. in biology from Chicago’s Loyola University. He then decided to build his business to an expanded level. Carey met his future wife Diane, while entertaining at her father’s birthday party. Together, they’ve developed the business to become a full-service event & entertainment production company. The proud father of Blake and Rachel, Carey enjoys a busy lifestyle.

What makes your business special?

Attention to detail and the quality of our people. We are a one-stop shop and can cater to all of our clients needs. We aim to not only satisfy our clients, but exceed their expectations. We find ways to achieve their goals while keeping within an overall budget. We have a lot of camaraderie within the company and employees are treated like family. This feeling is translated into our events.

What are your favorite experiences and achievements?

In 1984, I won the title of Mr. United States (the male version of the Miss America Pageant). It involved a year of traveling, celebrity appearances, being on the Phil Donahue Show and modeling. In 1991, I received the Gala Award (the Oscars of the Special Events industry) for ‘Best Entertainment Concept.’ I am proud to be able to donate over $50,000 a year in products and services and if by giving of myself, while doing what I love to do, I can inspire people or help the less fortunate on the right path, it makes everything worthwhile.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy Scuba diving, working out, martial arts and am the head coach of the Aptakisic Jr. High School Wrestling Team. I love traveling with my family and spending quality time with them. “One day I hope to be on the show; Survivor (I have been applying along with the other 50-70,000 entries).” Why do it? “To test myself and push myself to my limits – I don’t give up in anything I do.

How would you like to be remembered?

Someone who always gave of himself to a greater goal or cause… to help those less fortunate. Most importantly, as a good father and husband.

Why do you live on the North Shore?

I enjoy the convenience of having an abundance of things to do in this area. It’s the ideal place for work and recreation. Obviously, the great school system is one of the main reasons we’re here.

Who are your personal heroes?

My wife, Diane and my grandfather, Israel Poleinski, who passed away while I was in high school. My wife is a breast cancer survivor. Before I knew her, she was hit by a drunk driver and had five back operations. I’m impressed by her overall positive attitude toward life, regardless of the obstacles and her motivation and determination to complete anything she sets out to achieve. My grandfather, Israel is my hero for doing everything to bring his family out of Nazi Germany. He taught me to make a perfect omelet and the ethics of hard work.