Entertainment Ideas: 5 Great Ways to Wow Your Crowd

Event Tips August 09, 2021

You want your event to be something people talk about for years to come. Pro planners have an incredible eye for details, constantly tweaking their event programs, looking for ways to enhance their audiences’ experience. Here are five entertainment ideas to help you create an unforgettable event.

1. The Perfect Emcee or DJ

Get your event off to a great start and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and excitement throughout by hiring a skilled emcee or DJ (or both!)

  • Emcee: The person responsible for hosting your event. Typically, an emcee introduces notable speakers, guides activities, and keeps things moving along smoothly.
  • Disc Jockey (or DJ): Picks and plays pre-recorded music for an intended audience.

At CSP Worldwide, we make it easy to hire talented emcees and DJs who can bring energy and excitement to your event.

2. One-of-a-Kind Performances

Want to truly blow your attendees’ minds and leave them with unforgettable memories? Include live musicians, dazzling dancers, and other one-of-a-kind entertainers.

There are no limits to the innovative components you can incorporate into your live entertainment mix, from fire breathers to Brazilian Carnival dancers. Allow yourself to be creative when building your experiences. Unexpected elements will delight your audience and set your brand apart from the competition.

Our partners at STORM Interactive Entertainment have just the ticket—your choice of live musicians, vocalists, or cirque performers.

3. Unique Lighting

Often overlooked, lighting plays an essential role in establishing the mood of a space. Proper and effective lighting requires planning, imagination, and technical expertise.

Lighting teams provide a variety of ambient experiences based on the purpose and goals of the event and the type of audience who will be occupying the area.

By experimenting with color, contrast, brightness and dimness levels, shadow shapes, and even atmospheric fog, these brilliant individuals understand how to create enchantment.

Trust CSP’s talented team of dedicated designers to help you choose the right lighting, whether it’s a quiet elegance you’re after or you want to smash it with an intricate, computer-programmed light show.

4. Special Effects

Cutting-edge advancements have fused the worlds of sound and lighting to create truly spectacular, out-of-this-world live experiences from custom-built LED walls, designer laser light shows, and entirely LED-lit dance floors. Special effects-laden environments truly transport the spectator.

CSP specializes in special effects such as laser light shows, custom logo projects, and even pyrotechnic displays.

5. Social Strategy

On-site, it’s key to construct naturally photogenic spaces because it’ll encourage attendees to snap selfies, group shots, and vids and then publish them on social media.

Fun photo booths, personalized props, beautiful backdrops, custom step-and-repeats, and glamorous red carpets are all often-seen ways to engage your event guests (all of whom have some element of social media integration).

All that’s required for the virtual portion of your event are a few creative prompts such as:

  • A catchy hashtag for your event
  • Geotagging the location of your event
  • A method for individuals to join in on a contest or game
  • Fun digital badges/certificates

Empowering guests to produce and share content is an excellent step towards creating hype for your event.

CSP Worldwide: Elevating Events for Over 40 Years

CSP Worldwide is led by a world-class team of passionate and creative individuals. We have the best event planning assistance you can hire, from pre-production crews and location producers to performers and behind-the-scenes technicians. Contact us today!

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