Top Event Technology Trends: Must-Know Innovations for 2022 and Beyond

Industry Insights November 18, 2022

More than two years later, the pandemic still shapes how we meet, live, communicate, and work. Most industries have found creative ways to adapt, yet they’re still looking to emerging technology to optimize their workflow and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. The event industry is no exception.

So how do event hosts outpace the competition? And what are the must-know event technology trends allowing them to do so? Read further to find out.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots aren’t new, but the AI technology fueling these tools continues to improve daily. As a result, event planners are leaning into this technology to answer commonly asked questions without a live human.

Every event is unique, but attendees generally have similar questions about the event schedule, seminar locations, speakers, dining suggestions, and more. AI-powered kiosks can answer these questions. And so can event-specific chatbots, which more organizations are adding to their event pages.

Live Translation

In-person events are back, but virtual technology offers event hosts a viable alternative. Virtual events are pandemic-proof. Plus, they allow hosts to extend their reach, cross time zones, international borders, and even language barriers.

While English has been standardized worldwide, hosts are creating more impact by offering live language translation. Until recently, event organizers relied on third-party human translators. Now, tech-powered live translation platforms like Interprefy remove language barriers in real time. 

QR Codes

Technologically speaking, QR codes are ancient technology—and before the pandemic, they’d long since taken a backseat. But they’ve made a massive comeback in the last two years. Why? Because QR codes convey vital information and eliminate touch. 

Paper menus are still floating around, yet some bars and restaurants have switched to QR codes. We suspect we’ll see more of this in 2023. 


Want to book a high-profile guest speaker but are running into budgetary and travel constraints? ARHT Media patented its futuristic hologram technology in 2017, offering hosts and guest speakers a great solution to this conundrum. 

Using ARHT technology, guest speakers don’t have to travel to make an appearance. Instead, they go to a “capture studio” and then transmit a live or recorded talk to a “HoloPresence” display that shows a life-size, three-dimensional hologram of the presenter.

Digital Photo Booths

Photo booths never get old—but they have become more powerful marketing tools. And event planners are starting to use digital photo booths, allowing attendees to record testimonials, take branded photos, and spread the word..

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