How to Find a Great Guest or Keynote Speaker

Event Tips December 15, 2021

Whether conducting a presentation or giving a keynote speech, audiences want someone genuine, credible, and trustworthy in imparting information. Inviting a guest or keynote speaker to your event can be the most crucial component because they represent your organization and enhance the event.

A guest speaker can make or break the success of your event, and choosing the right one is essential. A keynote guest speaker, in particular, will add value to your corporate or marketing strategy by generating the desired interest necessary to promote your event.

So how do you find the ideal speaker to make your next event a hit? Here are some pro tips:

Turn to Your Event Professional

An Event Professional such as CSP Worldwide will take the time to know your organization, your event, your brand, and the goals you have for your event. They are a key factor in finding the correct fit when it comes to well-known or celebrity Speakers and Presenters that will have an impact on your event and those in attendance.

Your Event Professional will be able to obtain biographical information, topics of presentations, audio and/or video samples for your review, and recommendations from other events that have benefitted from the talent of a particular Speaker or Presenter. Also, your Event Professional will be able to provide you as diversified range of options as you desire—including industry experts, award-winning writers, political powerhouses, members of the BIPOC communities, members of the LGBTQ+ community; those that with fit your needs, enhance your event, and appeal to a wide range of your attendees.

Additionally, your Event Professional will have established relationships with managers and agencies that book speakers in a variety of fields. Additionally, they are the best resource for you in negotiating the engagement contract and navigating the Rider requirements of your chosen speaker.

Ask Your Audience

What does your target audience want? What do they want to see more of? For example, your attendees may know or recommend exceptional event speakers. Conducting surveys can help you communicate directly with your audience and gather much-needed data.

Participating in forums and getting pertinent questions answered from the source will ultimately aid you in learning precisely the type of speaker your upcoming event needs. You could also use this approach in your event marketing strategy to show potential attendees that the organizers value the input of those in attendance. It will allow some attendees the sense that their dollar paid for this event is valued.

Remember that your audience’s opinion matters. So if you gather feedback confirming overall satisfaction with your event, aim to reproduce it in future events. Or, better yet, build on your achievements.

Carey Smolensky Speaking at The Passion Summit in Chicago

Carey Smolensky, President/CEO of CSP Worldwide, Speaking at The Passion Summit in Chicago.


Do Some Good Old-fashioned Networking

With the abundance of tools at your fingertips, it’s tempting to neglect real-life ties. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage your network to find a great guest or keynote speaker! A phone call, email, or Zoom-like call can be very informative and allow you not only to get their thoughts but engage them in the success of your event!

If you’re having difficulty locating a speaker, remember your connections. These contacts might be a priceless asset. Don’t be embarrassed to solicit references from friends and colleagues. You never know where your next speaker may appear.

Consider an Emcee or Specialty DJ

CSP Worldwide has some of the best emcees and music DJs in the business, and we can help you elevate your event.

We know how to keep your guests engaged and entertained—either with high-level energy or a bit toned down to fit a professional atmosphere. It can be a great addition to your speaker line-up. Elevate your event with impactful entrance music for the start of your event or a return from a break, walk-up/walk-off music for your Speakers and Presenters; or create a bally-hoo for award recipients as they make their way to the stage; music is a great way to unite your attendees and create an event that stirs the senses. Want to learn more? Connect with us today!

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