Let CSP Worldwide Make Your Next Corporate Picnic a Great Success

Event Tips May 15, 2022

It’s finally happened, your boss wants YOU to organize a corporate picnic, but where do you start? Your mind is reeling with location, food, entertainment, activities, swag—and will your smash-hit event be an adults-only or family-friendly gathering?

 You’re overwhelmed, time is running out, and the pressure is mounting; you need assistance. The CSP Worldwide team is here to help make your next corporate picnic a great success and let you take all the credit.

Picnic Planning 101: Not so Basic

Picnics begin with a location, but that’s not where it ends. Our dedicated team will help you find the perfect setting, set your budget, plan your activities and build a menu.

 It’s a picnic, sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to hot dogs and burgers. Want to make a real impression? We’ll provide you with custom menus that delight your guests and your budget.

 We’ll provide you with all-weather tenting solutions, entertainment options, and more. We’re a one-stop shop that provides full-service management that knows no bounds.

Interactive Entertainment Packages

Corporate events don’t have to be stuffy or awkward. CSP’s entertainment options are great for breaking the ice, team bonding, and even strengthening collaborative skills with a full line of activities.

 We offer tournament packages that feature Baggo, volleyball, softball, and Olympic-style games, including classic potato sack races, water balloon tosses, tug of war, and much more.

 Want to really make a splash at your next event? Select any of our water-based games, relays, and additional activities like raft relays, bucket brigades, and team challenges.

Of course, competing isn’t complete without prizes—and we’re happy to bring a truckload of them.

DJs, Live Music, and More

A corporate picnic without music is like the 4th of July without fireworks. It works, sure, but we don’t recommend it.

We have a full roster of DJs, MCs, and interactive dancers and performers through Mobile Music Interactive Entertainment. Take it up a beat by adding live musicians through STORM Interactive Entertainment.  Bring your dancing shoes, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Memories Guests Take Along When the Party’s Over

Your brilliant corporate picnic will end, but we won’t let your guests forget. CSP also offers gifts for attendees through Custom Specialty Promotions like custom-branded coolers, water bottles, frisbees, backpacks, duffle bags, wearables, and much more!

CSP Worldwide: Your Corporate Picnic Solution

At the heart of CSP is a world-class team of the most creative and passionate people you will meet. Our team members are experts in their craft, from our pre-production teams, our onsite producers and performers to our behind-the-scenes technicians, editors, and staff.

Over the last four decades, we’ve planned every event imaginable, and corporate picnics are our specialty. Contact us today and let us help you make your next corporate picnic a great success.

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