What is a Hybrid Event?

Event Tips February 24, 2021

You may hear about people attending hybrid experiences and wonder what those entail. Due to increased technological capabilities, hosts can now allow the participation of both in-person and virtual members.

What Exactly Is a Hybrid Event?

This event type is a conference, trade show or meeting held at a physical location for in-person attendees that also incorporates virtual guests via an online platform.

CSP Worldwide provides the ideal combination of in-person and online elements, including virtual breakout rooms for small group interaction, on-site management, professional audio/visual production and content streaming.

Which Types of Events Can You Structure This Way?

Hybrid functions are the perfect answer for programs that can effectively operate both on-site and virtually. Some examples include:

  • Sales kick-offs
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Global town halls
  • Product demonstrations
  • Larger team meetings

It is essential to ensure your included elements are equally impressive and accessible by both the virtual and in-person participants. You want to make sure the lighting, sound and other components translate well to an online environment.

Why Should You Consider Hybrid Planning?

These meetings allow communication with people across the globe. There are various reasons some participants may not physically attend a gathering, including:

  • Members are unable to appear in person due to travel time.
  • Budget restrictions prevent traveling to the location.
  • The hosting venue has capacity limitations, making it impossible for everyone to take part in person.
  • Attendees have health or safety concerns that limit travel.

A hybrid option allows everyone to participate in and contribute to the event.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Offering Hybrid Events?

Some of the many advantages of this combination model for conferences, meetings and other events include:

Increased Participation

Providing an online option improves engagement for your event. Those who cannot attend due to travel costs or scheduling conflicts can participate virtually and still benefit from the conference experience.

More Speakers

You may have presenters on your list that are unable to be physically on-site. A hybrid structure enables experts to present virtually, giving those attending access to valuable exhibitions they may not have seen otherwise.

On-Demand Viewing

Businesses that provide on-demand viewing options can distribute pertinent information and education to more people. This flexible choice gives interested parties the ability to view the conference at a time that is convenient for them. It also allows physical attendees to view presentations they may have missed due to conflicting times within your event schedule. Global viewers can join your event during their business hours, overcoming complications due to time differences.

Archived Webcasts

Creating this type of event has the added benefit of providing you with materials you can re-purpose for educational videos or marketing tools to generate interest in your next event. At CSP Worldwide, we can help you produce and upload archive-ready webinars.

Is It More Challenging To Host Hybrid Events?

These combination events may seem more complicated, but they are not any more involved than traditional functions. CSP Worldwide has the expertise and experience to help you present a unified message to your entire audience, both live and virtual, with the added advantages of extended reach, cost-effectiveness and data collection capabilities.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Hybrid Event

With hybrid events, you enjoy the benefits of both in-person and virtual elements, expanding your reach and effectiveness. Contact us today to help you plan and manage your upcoming events.

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