Top 5 Best Practices for Social Media and How to Use It to Promote Your Event and Brand

Event Tips February 15, 2022

Planning social media content and using it to promote an event doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use social media to grow your following and expand your reach to a new audience. To promote your event, follow these five best practices for social media.

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

Hold off on making any social media posts until you define your goals. This understanding allows you to focus on the type of content that you need to post, whether that means sharing pictures of your latest masterpiece or encouraging prospects to check out your website. 

Clear goals help you identify social media best practices for creating a following, growing your business, or diving into a trend. 

2. Research First

It’s best to do your research on social media event promotion first. There are a few things that all business owners will want to consider before planning an event:

  • What your audience wants to see more of
  • When your audience is most active on each platform that you will be using
  • Which platforms are the best option for sharing content

Once you know the answer to some of these key questions, you will know what, when, and where to post to make the biggest impact on your upcoming event. You can find the answer to these questions based on the past performance of your social media accounts. Studying competitors and reading articles online can also assist. 

When looking for articles that are trending in your industry, a good source is Linkedin. Our Linkedin page showcases past events we have produced along with sharing our blog posts and relevant industry news.

3. Always Respond to Your Audience

It doesn’t matter whether the feedback you receive is positive or negative; you need to respond to all of it. 

Engaging with your audience is essential if you want them to stick around. Whether a public comment or a private message, you should prioritize engaging with everyone who reaches out to you. This requirement is especially true if you leverage social media best practices to plan your next event.

Your audience will be affected with your responses.  Our CSP Worldwide Facebook page allows our targeted audience to reach us through Facebook Messenger for an immediate response to their question.

4. Post Consistently

One way to ensure that your audience is always trending upward is to post consistently. 

Some business owners may post regularly and then get into a lull with very few posts. Try to take advantage of the tools available to you, such as social media schedulers, to allow you to choose when to share more content with your followers. You can even keep up with posting by commenting on current trends.

Follow our Instagram pages: CSP Worldwide, Mobile Music Interactive Entertainment and Storm Interactive Entertainment, to see what kind of hashtags and trends we are observing!

5. Make Constant Adjustments 

Of course, social media best practices won’t get you very far if you aren’t paying attention to the analytics. Review the engagement and other statistics that you can see on your social media pages to evaluate what is and isn’t working for your brand. 

This analysis is completely free on social media platforms and can help to maximize your reach, though there are paid tools you can use for more targeted data.

Many social media platforms provide ways to modify your content to gain more followers and to stay relevant on the social media platform you are using. Tweet us on Twitter to see our current engagement!

Social Media Event Promotion

Whether you’re planning a live, virtual, or hybrid experience, CSP Worldwide can help. Want more info? Contact us today to see how we can take your event to the next level!


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