Virtual Event Management: Both Virtual and Hybrid Are Here To Stay

October 15, 2021

While the last year hasn’t been easy, organizations have shifted their marketing mindsets and daily operations to meet our “new normal.” Virtual event management has become part of that shift.

Despite the challenges, several businesses have demonstrated incredible innovation and perseverance. They’ve adapted to the constraints of remote work and the extended hiatus of in-person events. 

The events industry has been altered, that’s for sure. But amid the uncertainty, at least one thing is clear: virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. Here are four reasons why this is great news for event coordinators: 

Way More Reach

Attending an in-person event always has challenges, mainly in terms of cost and commute time. While there’s nothing quite like attending a live, in-person event, joining an event online from the comfort of your home or workplace is significantly more affordable and convenient. 

Corporate attitudes have altered considerably in the previous year, becoming much more receptive to hybrid experiences. Hybrid events enable guests to decide for themselves whether it’s more cost-effective to attend in person or via a digital platform, increasing the event promoter’s overall outreach capacity. 

“Reach” — industry jargon for engagement — is an event promoter’s bread and butter. As a result, many early adopters who switched to virtual saw a significant boost in engagement with their streamed webcast events.

“51% of event marketers say they will continue to organize virtual events because they are “pandemic-proof” – Source: LinkedIn, Virtual Events Pocket Guide

Superior Data Capture

You’ve never been able to collect such detailed data from your event attendees before. By utilizing an event software platform, for example, organizations can quickly track and record information such as:

  • When your participants were most engaged with the content
  • What questions were posed during the presentations
  • How long do the participants remain during presentations
  • Which interactive features elicited the greatest level of engagement 

This data can then be used to improve future events. 

Increased Return on Investment

One of the most important metrics used to evaluate your event, if not the most essential, is the return on investment (ROI). With the opportunity to improve exposure and attendance, virtual and hybrid event planners may see increased ROI. 

Modern Safety Measures

There will likely continue to be increased awareness regarding the possibility of illness as concerns over COVID-19 remain in the spotlight. This may translate to a desire to remain socially distant. Enabling virtual participation maintains a safe and comfortable environment for guests.

Plan Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event with CSP Worldwide 

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