2021 Event Trends

Event TipsIndustry Insights January 26, 2021

The start of the new year doesn’t mean the end of the pandemic. While there’s been major progress with the COVID-19 vaccine, it will still take some time for industries like hospitality and events to go back to their pre-pandemic activities. In this blog post, we take a look at how these industries have adapted and what event trends we can expect in 2021. 

How Events Changed in 2020

For many businesses, the disruption that COVID-19 brought about pushed for innovation. Event planning companies like CSP Worldwide pivoted to virtual and hybrid events in 2020. Strategies shifted to translating real-life event experiences into the digital world. This strategy acknowledges both the need for social distance while occupying a world that’s connected more than ever. 

Virtual and hybrid meetings, conferences, and events are not going anywhere in 2021. Here are some more trends and ideas to consider as you plan your next event:

Investing in Technology

In addition to Zoom meetings and virtual “party rooms,” events in 2021 will see more pandemic-specific technology to accommodate different event needs. For those holding hybrid events, some examples include: gadgets such as wearables to assist with social distancing, tools that expand a venue’s capacity to broadcast events, and apps or digital platforms that encourage audience participation such as live polls. Investing in technology or partnering with event production companies such as CSP Worldwide will ensure your events stay engaging.

Planning Venues Closer to “Home”

To say that the travel and tourism industry was disrupted by the pandemic is an understatement. Travel has been greatly reduced internationally and domestically. Expect events to be closer to home to reduce travel.

Private/Exclusive Destinations 

While exclusivity is a way to increase an event’s value, it’s now becoming a way to limit the number of people gathered in one place. As states continue to adjust to the changing guidelines, event planners and production companies need to account for ways to minimize large gatherings. This also encourages creativity to make smaller gatherings even more meaningful. 

More Outdoor Events/Venues

Restaurants across the country and the world are now using more outdoor spaces to serve patrons. In 2020, many events also moved their venues outside. Being out in nature offers a unique experience, and allows for guests to feel more safe and comfortable. 


With reduced staff capacity and limited guests, planners need to consider how they serve food during in-person events. Meal services will likely see less buffets and more individually packaged meal options. This kind of service also provides a different revenue stream for local restaurants, especially when indoor dining is restricted.

Increased Sanitation Procedures

Perhaps one of the most important habits that various venues have adopted is increased sanitation procedures, including pre-entry testing, accessible sanitation zones, regular disinfection of surfaces, and more. These simple measures have a great impact and play an important role in keeping people safe. 

Future-Proof Your Approach to Events

The future may be uncertain but there are also exciting opportunities to look forward to in the event industry. While some may see decreased travel or reduced in-person gatherings as a limitation, it’s also an opportunity to expand your reach through a combination of virtual and in-person events—meeting people where they are and driving ingenuity to create events that are well thought out and truly deliver value

For experiences that your attendees won’t soon forget, CSP Worldwide is a full-service event production company that can handle your live, virtual, and hybrid event needs. With over 40 years of experience, our company is future-proofed, ready to take on your unique event requirements, and bridge the gap between in-person and digital events. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to see how we can make your dream event come to life!

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