Your Guide to Hybrid Events Best Practices

Event Tips January 17, 2023

It’s 2023, and while we’ve accepted, adjusted, gotten creative, and now treat COVID-19 with more impatience than terror, the lingering effects of the pandemic have permanently shifted human behavior. Sure, in-person events are back, but hybrid events are still part of the events industry, so it’s important to follow hybrid events’ best practices. 

By following our hybrid events’ best practices list, you’ll be one step closer to ensuring you maintain audience engagement, increase attendance, and throw your most successful hybrid event yet.  

Practice Makes Perfect

To ensure your hybrid event goes off without a hitch, conduct a trial run well before the day of the event. That means testing live-stream technology, on-demand playback, and any interactive components you may use during the event.  

Accomplish More in Less Time

When you host an in-person event, you have far more control over the environment and can mitigate distractions. That’s harder to do with virtual audiences who are at home and surrounded by distractions. So what’s the solution? Ensure the content and presentations are engaging, and consider adding more breaks (if needed) to prevent audience fatigue. 

Audience Participation is a Must

To engage virtual attendees, encourage registrants to send questions they’d like presenters to explore. You can also increase engagement by including live polls, online chats, Q&A sessions, and offering prizes. 

Device Compatibility 

Your audience is unique—so are the devices they’ll use to access your hybrid event. With that in mind, ensure that your event platform is compatible with all devices and operating systems. If you cannot meet all device requirements, clearly list those excluded devices on the event registration page.  

On-Demand for Demanding Audiences

It’s an on-demand world, and attendees—especially those living in different parts of the country or world—may want to watch your event at a different time or refer back to a specific presentation following the event. On-demand recordings are a great way to meet the needs of a diverse audience. 

However, keep in mind that on-demand may not always be the best option. For example, if the content contains sensitive or timely information or if you want to interact with your audience, on-demand may not be the best fit.

Think Globally

It’s a big world, but technology makes it smaller and more connected than ever. So now is a great time to think outside of your own ecosystem, cross time zones, and engage international audiences. While global attendees may not be able to attend your event in real-time, they may still register if you offer on-demand viewing post-event. 

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