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Our Family of Companies

Joshua has been entertaining since he was a kid; making silly faces and dancing to anything that had a beat (so his mom says). He has been working in the entertainment industry for over two decades and his talent lead him to be recruited for dance gigs all over the Chicagoland area. These recruitments came with the endorsement and encouragement of the Buffalo Grove Police Chief, the Principal of Twin Groves Jr. High School, and his parent; all of which were required for a minor to work. By the age of 18, Joshua had danced on TV commercials, won several dance battles and was one of the Jenny Jones talk show dancers.

Accomplishing all of this before graduating high school, Joshua took time off to attend college in Florida; however endured only 4 months without entertaining. He felt a lull in his life and he realized he needed that rush of crowd interaction! So, he started performing in South Florida where he brought his Chicago-style dance and MC skills to the south. It was during this time that Joshua learned the valuable lesson that the South and Eastern regions of the United States host parties differently than in the Midwest. With this new experience, Joshua developed a keen sense of when to switch it up and change the momentum to make sure every party is rockin’ until the very end!

While performing in venues across the US, Joshua learned how to work with different types of people and how to deal with unique scenarios of each event. After 4 years it was time to return to Chicago with his new found knowledge and finely honed skill set. Joshua has over two decades of experience entertaining at every type of event, both social and corporate. He is engaging for people of all age and he believes that even the smallest details make the biggest difference in the success of an event.

For a dynamic performance which mixes talent, charm, and personality in bringing the very best to your event, MC Joshua always delivers!