10 Tips For Throwing a Successful Outdoor Company Event

Event Tips June 07, 2023

In an era where Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors and seven hours screen scrolling, the idea of moving your company event outdoors isn’t just a breath of fresh air—we’d go so far as to say it’s an overdue necessity.

Fresh air aside, outdoor company events are an excellent way to break the monotony, engage the senses, and shake things up. Although outdoor venues introduce an element of unpredictability, there are efficient ways to prepare and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Define Your Purpose

Defining the event’s purpose is critical, especially when choosing a venue. For example, if you want to facilitate team-building, an elegant garden or rooftop setting may not be the ideal location.

The event’s purpose influences the venue and also shapes the entire agenda, from planned activities to catering options. It also sets clear expectations for attendees, sending clear signals about what they should expect, how to dress, and what they will gain from the event. 

Choose the Right Venue

The right location can make or break your event. Carefully consider the available amenities.

Consider shade options, seating arrangements, and restroom availability for a daytime event. For evening events, think about lighting and heating, if needed. Also, it’s essential to check if the space can support the technology requirements of your event—is there enough available power to support your audio visual requirements? 

Additionally, anticipate inclement weather. Look for venues that offer flexible indoor-outdoor spaces or have arrangements for tents or marquees. This ensures that your event can carry on in inclement weather and reassures your guests that their comfort and safety are priorities.

Select the Right Caterer

A successful event requires the right menu, delivered by an experienced caterer who is well-versed in outdoor events. They will have the expertise to recommend a menu that suits the environment, understand which foods fare well in warmer climates, and suggest alternatives that are not only delicious but also appropriate for the weather conditions.

Serve the Appropriate Beverages

Selecting the perfect beverages is equally essential. Outdoor events can lead to dehydration, especially in warm or hot weather. In such cases, offering hydrating drink options like water, iced tea, or carbonated seltzers is essential to keep guests comfortable and hydrated.

Likewise, opt for drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in cooler weather and cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions. This includes providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options that are appropriate for the event itself and the weather conditions.

Set Expectations 

In general, attendees are more used to attending indoor events. So when you move an event outdoors, expect questions. Anticipate these by telling guests what they can expect regarding the setting and logistics.

Provide detailed information about the location, including directions and parking options. Let them know about the dress code, advising on appropriate attire for the outdoor environment—this could mean suggesting layers for a chiller evening event or sun hats and sunglasses for a daytime gathering.

Offer Diverse Activities

Ensure the activities you choose align with the event’s purpose. That means tailoring activities to the interests and physical abilities of your attendees. It’s essential to include a range of activities so that there’s something for everyone—whether it’s physically active games or more laid-back socializing and networking opportunities.

Maintain Safety & Security

Safety should always come first. If your outdoor company event extends into the evening, plan appropriately. Ensure the venue is well-lit to prevent accidents and facilitate straightforward navigation for guests. Additionally, assess the terrain to ensure it suits all participants, considering any potential hazards such as uneven ground or nearby water.

If the event involves physical activities, be sure to bring safety equipment and have a first-aid kit readily available.

Document the Event

Outdoor spaces offer excellent photo and video opportunities. CSP Worldwide provides photographers and videographers experienced at shooting in natural light and outdoor settings. They can capture high-quality images and videos of event highlights, group photos, and the venue’s natural beauty. The digital content can be used internally or on social media; the options are endless.

Another great idea is to create a unique hashtag just for your event. Get your attendees involved by asking them to use this hashtag when they post their event photos on social media. 

Don’t Forget Signage

In a vast outdoor area, well-placed signs will help attendees easily navigate to the event location, reducing confusion and frustration. This is particularly important for first-time visitors or large venues. 

Explore Insurance Requirements

Insuring your outdoor event to protect against liability is also worth considering. If someone is injured during your event, liability insurance will kick in to cover medical costs and protect you from potential lawsuits. This is particularly important in outdoor settings where variables like uneven terrain or inclement weather can increase the risk of accidents. 

Bonus Tip: Hire an Event Production Company

Organizing a memorable outdoor company event requires experience, expertise, and resources many people don’t have. By entrusting your event to the experts, you save valuable time, reduce stress, and ensure every aspect, from venue selection to production quality, is executed with precision.

Our advice? Let the professionals handle the heavy lifting so you can free yourself up to focus on what matters most—creating memorable experiences and strengthening your company’s connections.  

CSP Worldwide: Your Event Solution

CSP Worldwide is a world-class team of the most creative, experienced, and passionate professionals with a proven track record. We partner with you to create a memorable event using the industry’s latest event technology and trends. 
Contact us today, and let us help you make your next corporate event a success.

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