5 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Wedding

Event Tips August 17, 2022

“Wedding” brings many words to mind, but “technology” probably isn’t one of them. But as technology becomes more affordable and intuitive, that’s starting to change. More and more couples are saying “I do” to technology and finding creative ways to enhance their wedding day.

From robot bartenders and live streaming to environmentally-friendly e-vites and swoon-worthy cake toppers, we’ll share five of our favorite ways you can use technology to enhance your wedding day.

1. Livestream Your Special Day

Due to shifting values, budget constraints, and travel and safety limitations imposed by a two-year pandemic, more and more couples are rethinking their nuptials and opting to host micro-weddings with an intimate guest roster.

One thing is certain whether you plan on inviting 300 people or 30—not every guest will be able to attend, and this is where live streaming comes in. Taking your wedding to a digital space allows all your friends and loved ones to participate from anywhere in the world.

2. Save Money and the Environment with Evites

Wedding invitations can be costly, especially for high-end, elegant weddings with formal invitations. And then there are the postage costs to consider on top of that.

That’s why more couples are making the switch to digital e-vites. Sites like Greenvelope allow you to choose from online stationery templates designed by international artists, personalize them, import guest lists into a digital platform, validate addresses, and even track RSVPs.

3. Fire the Bartender and Go Digital

Imagine a machine that mixes complex, perfectly-poured cocktails with the press of a button—and never expects a tip. Yep, it’s possible. And, yep, robotic bartenders are actually a thing.

The Somabar is an award-winning, fully-automated bartender that allows you to pre-add your ingredients, select a beverage, and then step back and let the machine work its magic. You can even adjust drink size, strength, and recipes to suit your personal tastes.

How much does Somabar cost? A new unit clocks in at $4,800, and a refurbished unit costs $2,800. That may sound expensive, but considering Somabar cocktails cost $1/drink and you can take the digital bartender home with you after the wedding, there may be enough incentive to go digital.

4. 3D Printed Cake Toppers

3D printing has come a long way, and more couples are using advances in digital printing to customize what was formerly uncustomizable. For those who haven’t heard, there’s a 3D printing company called doob that makes 3D-printed replicas of you and your spouse. So throw out those generic cake toppers and have doob replicate your image, shrink you down, and print you out so you can stand atop your own wedding cake.

5. Get Wedding Happy

Fire up Wedding Happy, an intuitive (and free) wedding planning app, and enter your anticipated wedding date. From there, the app builds a customized schedule and to-do list that helps you set planning goals and meet deadlines. Additional features include payment tracking, a spending summary, and much more.

Add the Entertainment To Bring It All Together

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