Creative Corporate Event Ideas that Elevate Your Audience Experience

Event Tips December 13, 2023

When you hear “corporate event,” what comes to mind? Chances are you conjured up images of stuffy rooms, formal presentations, polite applause, and networking over a predictable menu of hors d’oeuvres.

But what if you flipped the script, transforming your next corporate event into something engaging and memorable?

We’ve been doing that for our clients for 4 decades. Here are a few ways to breathe new life into tired corporate gatherings. 

Arcade Game Zones

Incorporating a variety of arcade games, including old-school classics, is a fantastic idea to inject fun and nostalgia into your corporate event. Remember Pac-Man and Space Invaders? Adding these and a mix of pinball and modern video games caters to various preferences and generational tastes.

Hire a Writer Who Has a Typewriter

Remember analog typewriters? Yes, those. Believe it or not, creatives have turned this into an intriguing and fun event activity. The idea is to hire a skilled and creative writer to create instant, personalized written pieces for guests (using a typewriter) about anything the attendee requests—poetry, a short story, or something else. This is not only Instagram-worthy but also gives attendees a memorable event keepsake.

Dueling Pianos

Dueling pianos offer a unique alternative to your predictable Spotify playlist. These pianists typically perform well-known songs that most people recognize, yet they inject new life into familiar classics. It’s a fun blend of music, comedy, and interaction, providing a great way to lighten the mood and encourage attendees to relax and enjoy themselves.

Professional Selfies

Unlike typical photo booths designed for fun and casual pictures, a professional headshot station is set up with the proper lighting, backdrop, and camera equipment to capture high-quality, professional-looking photographs. These photos are handy for business profiles, LinkedIn, company websites, and other professional platforms.

Hire a Mixologist

Mixologists aren’t your typical bartenders. They’re the perfect blend of performance and practicality, able to craft unique cocktails and mocktails beyond the standard fare. This adds an element of sophistication and caters to all guests, including those who prefer non-alcoholic options.

Interactive Tech Challenges

Need to inject new life into your classic icebreakers? Use technology like apps or virtual reality for group challenges. A virtual reality game requiring teamwork to complete a mission is modern and engaging. 

Mystery Guest

Want to build excitement and anticipation? Hire a mystery guest or celebrity speaker and keep their identity under wraps until the event. Use intriguing language and clues to keep attendees guessing, but do not give away the guest’s identity.

You’ll want to manage expectations to avoid disappointment, so ensure the buildup is balanced and avoid overselling the surprise.

Unconventional Venue

Hosting a corporate event in a non-traditional space, such as a museum, rooftop garden, or distillery, can completely shift the atmosphere and engagement. These venues provide distinctive backdrops that stimulate conversation and creativity and break away from the typical corporate setting, adding an element of surprise and sophistication.

Hire a Corporate Event Planner

Not sure how to pull it all off? We understand. Navigating the intricacies of organizing a memorable corporate event can seem daunting. This is where we can help. If you can dream it up, we can execute it. Believe us—we’ve been doing it for 40 years.

CSP Worldwide: Your Event Solution

CSP Worldwide is a world-class team of the most creative, experienced, and passionate professionals with a proven track record. We partner with you to create a memorable event using the industry’s latest event technology and trends. 

Contact us today, and let us help you make your next corporate event a success.

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