Top 10 Post-Event Marketing Strategies

Event Tips November 21, 2023

Event hosts pour their hearts into pre-planning successful events. And because they’ve spent so much energy before and during the event, they often forget to capitalize on the momentum they’ve worked so hard to generate. The event is important. But to truly generate success, you need a post-event marketing strategy that nurtures your audience, maintains engagement, and ensures impact long after the final curtain call. Here are 10 post-event marketing strategies to help you do exactly that.

1. Understand the Power of Post-Event Promotion

When properly utilized, post-event promotion becomes a powerful tool. To harness its full potential, you must move beyond a simple social media post that recaps the event.

Start by emphasizing the value your event delivered—whether that be transformative insights, valuable connections, or an exceptional overall experience. Use this value to extend your reach and grow your audience.

Remember, the aim isn’t solely to commemorate the event’s success but also to lay the foundation for continuous engagement. To do so, you must encourage attendees to maintain their connection with your brand by promoting upcoming events, webinars, and relevant content. Here’s how to do it. 

2. Use Content to Promote

Create valuable content that builds upon the event’s key takeaways, insights, and highlights. This content—including blog posts, articles, videos, or webinars—should take a deeper dive into the event’s topics. Share this content through your website, social media, email, and newsletters to keep attendees engaged and informed.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encourage attendees to share their event experiences, photos, and testimonials on social media using event-specific hashtags. Then, curate and share this content on your official event website or social media channels. Doing so not only extends the life of the event but also allows attendees to relive their experiences and encourages others to engage with your brand.

4. Host Post-Event Webinars

Offer exclusive post-event webinars that delve into critical takeaways, success stories, or in-depth discussions on topics from the event. These webinars can feature event speakers or industry experts and provide attendees with valuable insights and actionable knowledge.

5. Segment Your Audience 

Want to truly connect with audiences? Get personal.

Start by segmenting your event attendees based on their interests, engagement levels, or specific interactions during the event. Then, tailor your follow-up messages to each segment, addressing their unique needs and preferences. 

6. Solicit Feedback

Another way to maintain post-event momentum is by sending surveys to gather audience feedback and insights. This feedback will help you improve future events and show that you value their opinions. 

7. Facilitate On-Going Networking Opportunities 

We also suggest facilitating ongoing networking opportunities through online platforms or forums where attendees can connect, share experiences, and collaborate. How? Set up a dedicated forum on LinkedIn where attendees can join and participate in discussions. 

8. Tease the Next Event Early

Shortly after the current event ends, announce the date and location for next year’s event. Include a teaser message that sparks excitement and anticipation. If applicable, offer early bird registration discounts for next year’s event exclusively for current attendees. 

9. Engage on Social Media

Use your organization’s social media channels to post teaser content, countdowns, and polls related to next year’s event. Encourage attendees to share their thoughts and expectations.

10.Introduce a Speaker Series 

Another way to maintain post-event momentum is to introduce a virtual speaker series throughout the months leading up to your next event. Identify key themes or topics from the past event that received significant attention among attendees. It’s worth noting that these themes should align with the direction of your next event. 

While CSP Worldwide specializes in event production, we also know how to help you maintain post-event momentum while setting the stage for your next big success. Whether you need help nurturing valuable leads, facilitating ongoing engagement, or providing strategic insights, we’re dedicated to making your post-event journey as successful as the event. 

CSP Worldwide: Your Event Solution 

CSP Worldwide is a world-class team of the most creative, experienced, and passionate professionals with a proven track record. We partner with you to create a memorable event using the industry’s latest event technology and trends. 

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