Post-Event Engagement – What To Do After the Event

April 13, 2023

You curated the perfect corporate event by choosing the right menu, keynote speaker, and venue. Now it’s time to celebrate, right? Wrong. In truth, your efforts are only just beginning. By keeping attendees connected post-event, you can strengthen relationships, build brand loyalty, and even generate new business opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore some effective ways to do exactly that. 

Send Out a Follow-Up Survey

A follow-up survey is an excellent way to increase post-event engagement and gather important feedback. By asking for feedback, you demonstrate that you value your guests’ opinions and are committed to continuously improving your events.

A well-crafted survey should include questions that cover various aspects of the event, such as the keynote speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and the overall event experience. For example, you can ask attendees what they enjoyed most about the event, what they found valuable or insightful, and what they would like to see improved for future events.

Share Content on Social Media 

Sharing photos, videos, and highlights from the event on your company’s social media channels is a great way to keep attendees engaged after the event. This allows them to relive the experience and feel part of a community that values their participation.

Sharing content on social media also allows you to showcase the event to a broader audience, generating interest and excitement for future events. For instance, you can create a social media post that highlights a keynote speaker or a panel discussion and includes a call to action encouraging followers to attend future events.

Send a Personalized Follow-Up Email 

You can also boost engagement by sending a personalized follow-up email thanking attendees for their participation.

In addition to expressing gratitude and providing relevant information, the follow-up email can include a call to action that encourages ongoing engagement with your brand. For instance, you can link to a related article or blog post and ask attendees to share their thoughts on social media using a specific hashtag.  

Request Feedback

Be sure to request feedback from attendees. This can be done through a survey or by inviting attendees to share their thoughts and ideas via email or social media. Requesting feedback shows that you value their opinion and provides valuable insights for improving future events.

Show Your Appreciation with Exclusive Offers 

A major benefit of attending events is that guests often gain exclusive access to discounts and deals after the event. For instance, if your event showcased a new product, providing exclusive offers to your attendees can be a valuable tactic for boosting event attendance and sales. Exclusive offers can range from granting attendees pre-ordering rights to offering discounts or special bundled deals.

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